About the Group of Companies

The group of legal companies “Taratuta and partners” was founded in 2004 for the purpose of providing legal services to corporate Clients carrying out business within and outside the Russian Federation. Establishment of the group of companies allowed bringing together highly qualified specialists in the field of legal support of corporate governance and protection of intellectual and industrial property. Our employees form a team of professionals, having unique expertise. We appreciate people, dedicated to their work and eager to develop themselves. We especially value such qualities as: critical and systematic thinking skills, flexible and individual approach to the Client, ability to solve problems using new pitch, but not conventional methods.

The activity of the Group is aimed at providing various profit-making and non-profit companies with highly professional legal assistance. Our goal is to ensure legal protection of our Clients’ business in the Russian Federation and abroad by developing business protection strategies and expert tax planning.

The characteristic feature of our services is complex, individual approach to the analysis of our Clients' businesses aiming at detecting potential risks and developing mechanisms that enable the Client to avoid such risks.

Professionalism of our employees, their successful experience in legal guidance of business projects, settling conflicts of economic entities and arbitration disputes allow rendering services of the highest quality in such areas as corporate, copyright and patent law, exchange regulation, and in regard to the complex enforceability of our Clients’ projects and transactions.

Individual approach

We study the Client's business in order to design the most efficient administrative, fiscal, and financial model of its conduct, taking into consideration the peculiarities of the industry and diversification of areas of the Client’s business.


We do not merely solve the Client's problem, but discover and eliminate its causes, not only suggesting optimal solutions of various issues, but elaborating a general strategy for the Client's business protection. We consider all the areas and constituents of our Clients' business by developing logical and convenient business control and administration methods.


The Client entrusts to the lawyer information that as a rule is not known even to most key employees of the client company. We understand this fact and guarantee the highest level of confidentiality and incur material responsibility if such information is disclosed.